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Nutrition Obesity Research Center at Harvard

Biomedical Base of the NORC

The biomedical base of researchers consists of fifty-two investigators and twenty associate investigators. This base is oriented by disciplines relevant to key biomedical cores and major themes to the clinical nutrition research underlying the Center.

Nutrition Metabolism

Cancer Biology

Cellular Biology and Nutrient-Gene Interaction

Immunology and Microbiology

Lipid Metabolism and Cardiovascular Disease


Women's Health


Clinical Investigation

Nutritional Epidemiology

Note: Although Investigators have been classified by a single designation for the purposes of this web site, it should be noted that the research interest of individual investigators integrate both methodologic approaches and study of specific processes, e.g. - investigators use cellular/molecular biologic techniques to study lipid metabolism in cardiovascular disease. While other areas of investigation are undoubtedly important to clinical nutrition as noted before, this Center collectively is posed to contribute to advancing knowledge within the conceptual framework of nutrition mechanisms in clinical disease and basic research and its translation into nutrition for healthy lives.

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