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Biomedical Core

The biomedical core program has been a central feature of the NORC. These core resources have been developed to accomplish these goals:

  1. to support the research activities of the center investigators to promote the understanding of nutrition research;
  2. stimulate new collaborations and interactions.
  3. support P/F recipients

In meeting the second goal, the Biomedical Cores have led to projects, which would not be undertaken, if the cores were not available. The configuration of Biomedical Cores has been organized to complement the research interests of the NORC investigators, to support pilot/feasibility projects, and to promote research in areas of recognized priority in advancing the understanding of clinical nutrition research. Finally, this core format serves to maximize the utilization of resources unique to this center and take advantage of resources from other Centers already in existence at MGH and at affiliate institutions.

Four Biomedical Cores exist within the NORC. These include:

Genomics Core

Cell Biology Core

Mass Spectrometry Core

Biostatististics Program in the Administrative Core

These cores are available to NORC investigators and associate investigators and for pilot feasibility recipients. The Biostatistics Core continues to be administratively combined with the Administrative Core.

Core services are available for all Center Investigators, Associate Investigators, and current Pilot Feasibility recipients. 

For general information on the utilization of these cores, please contact: W. Allan Walker, M.D.

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