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Nutrition Obesity Research Center at Harvard


a) To support a broader spectrum of basic and applied research in fields recognized to be essential for fundamental progress in understanding disease states related to nutrition and requiring nutritional management.

b) The development of young investigators committed to nutrition-related research.

It was anticipated that the former would be achieved through the program of Biomedical Core research support and enhancing collaborations through a comprehensive enrichment program of seminars, workshops, symposia and joint laboratory meetings. The latter goal was especially targeted by Pilot Feasibility Projects (PFP) support in conjunction with, in some instances, approved CRC protocols and either KO8 or K23 salary supplementation. A combination of this collective support when appropriate for the Center’s goals has invariably resulted in NIH or equivalent research grant support.

Effectiveness of the Center in serving as a vehicle to achieve these goals is underscored by the significant expansion of the number of established and young investigators who have become actively involved in the NORC. At its inception, the Center encompassed twenty-two established investigators, as well as, eight affiliated junior investigators. It is especially noteworthy that the growth in active Center investigators has been achieved by:

1) The magnet effect of the Center for investigators in many departments at the MGH and nearby institutions as its activities have become known through PFP awards and enrichment program.

2) The development of new cohorts of associate investigators into full members as they have achieved research independence based on work initially supported by PFP awards.

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