Division of Nutrition

Education in Nutrition

The Division of Nutrition is committed to providing a practical nutrition education to Harvard Medical School students that allows them to be able to render a nutritional consultation to their patients in a quest for a healthy lifestyle and in the prevention of diseases such as cardiovascular disease, hypertension, type II diabetes, and to stem the obesity epidemic. This goal is accomplished through a nutrition curriculum subcommittee of the Curriculum Committee of Harvard Medical School and by attempts to insert nutrition into all four years of the curriculum through a Nutrition Themes Program. The Nutrition Themes are: nutrition and cancer, nutrition in prevention of cardiovascular disease and obesity.

In addition to a strong commitment to undergraduate medical education, the DON is charged with updating its postgraduate residents, fellows and faculty in the most recent breakthroughs in nutrition research that can be applied to the nutrition care of patients. This goal is accomplished through a series of monthly seminars, clinical conferences and through a yearly research and/or clinical practice symposia.

DON is also committed to providing a nutrition-training program through two NIH-supported fellowship programs at the HSPH and the DON. These programs provide training in nutrition research in nutritional biochemistry, nutritional epidemiology and clinical investigation in nutrition. Fellows have an option of obtaining a Masters or Doctoral degree through the Harvard School of Public Health didactic program.

Finally, on a periodical basis the Division of Nutrition provides opportunities for professionals to earn continuing education credits through the Harvard Medical School Department of Continuing Education.

These goals in undergraduate and postgraduate nutrition education, a newly established training program, and continuing education represent a major commitment of the DON to further nutrition education at HMS and its teaching hospitals.