Division of Nutrition

Public Relations

Mossavar-Rahmani Center for Business & Government at Harvard Kennedy School

23rd Private and Public, Scientific, Academic, and Consumer Food Policy Group {PAPSAC}
November 20-21, 2016


  1. Impartial Research Reporting
    Marion Nestle, Paulette Goddard Professor of Nutrition, Department of Nutrition, Food Studies, and Public Health at New York University
  2. New Responsibilities for the FDA
    Dr. Stephen M. Ostroff, Deputy Commissioner for Foods and Veterinary Medicine, FDA
  3. The Intersection of Food Safety and Food Security
    Michael Taylor, Senior Fellow, Freedman Consulting, LLC
  4. The Innovative Tools FDA Has Deployed to Manage Imported Food
    Caroline Smith DeWaal, International Food Safety Policy Manager, FDA
  5. The Impact on New Testing and Improved Food Safety
    Ronan Loftus, Co-Founder, Identigen, North America
  6. Zipongo: Improving Health by Redesigning the Food Chain
    Jason Langheier, CEO & Founder, Zipongo
  7. New Diet Priorities
    Walter Willett, Professor of Epidemiology & Nutrition, Harvard School of Public Health
  8. Precision Agriculture Technologies
    John Stone, Senior Vice President, Intelligent Solutions Group, Deere & Company
  9. The Dairy Farm Institute Update
    Yoav Levsky, Asia Regional President, All Flex Group
  10. National Academy Science Report
    Robin Schoen, Director of the Board on Agriculture and Natural Resources; Fred Gould, Distinguished University Professor, North Carolina State University
  11. New Roles of the World Bank
    Mark Cackler, Mgr. of Agriculture and Environmental Services Department, World Bank
  12. Update on the Congo Program
    John Ulimwengu, Senior Advisor to the Democratic Republic of Congo Prime Minister
    Ida Naserwa, Managing Director, Bukanga Lonzo Agribusiness Park,
    Democratic Republic of Congo
  13. Update on Jain Irrigation
    Anil Jain, CEO of Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd.
  14. New Financial Needs for the Food System
    Rajiv Singh, CEO of North America Wholesale, Rabobank
  15. Animal Welfare
    Jim Perdue, Chairman & CEO, Perdue Farms
  16. New Risks in the Farming Community
    Jack Hunt, Former President & CEO of King Ranch, Inc.
    Ronald D. Offutt, Founder & Chairman Emeritus, R.D. OFFUT CO. & RDO Equipment Co.
    Thomas Nassif, CEO, Western Growers Association
  17. IFAD
    Sana F.K. Jatta, Regional Director, East & Southern Africa, IFAD
    Benjamin Kemboi, dairy farmer, Kenya
  18. reThink Soil: A Roadmap to U.S. Soil Health
    Shari Rogge-Fidler, President, Cambium Strategies LLC
    Jerry Lynch, Chief Sustainability Officer, General Mills
  19. Pursuing Sustainability: A Guide to the Science and Practice
    Bill Clark, Harvey Brooks Professor of International Science,
    Public Policy and Human Development, HKS
  20. New Programs from EPA
    Bill Jordan, Environmental Consultant Larry Elworth, Agriculture Program Director, RESOLVE
  21. Update on Kentucky Tobacco Settlement Agricultural Development Program
    John-Mark Hack, Executive Director, Local Food Association